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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jupiter/Saturn Cycle Pulling the Cycle Out One More Day

The Jupiter/Saturn Cycle turns pulled the cycle top I expected yesterday into early today.  It created what is known in e-wave terms an "irregular top".  It has the same consequence overall
on the daily chart.  

All cycles I had on the previous chart are extended out one more trading day. This includes the expected August 8-28 drop, which is now August 9-29th.  The Bradley turns around those dates have some variance based on the geo and helio turns and that is August 7-9 for a top and August 28-29 for a bottom.

I had GDX hitting a low on the 18th, but that was incorrect.  It should be the 19th.  The 19th is also FED day. 

Also, the expected 60 point run-up on June 21st OPEX has been projected for the following Monday, the 24th. Neptune retrograde on the 21st and Jupiter/Saturn secondary low due on the 21st is a 'b' wave pull back of a larger B Wave into the 25th.

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