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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Today's Action Turns the Stock Market Trend Back Up into August 20

Today's action turns the stock market back up. This looks like a 'y' of "b" of the larger Y.  We should pull back some into late day even as low as below 2910 to the 2909 area.  

A gap up into early Wed where we have the Sun/Venus harmonious conjunction into the first hour and as high as 2952 +/- 2 pts should start the move back down into 'z' of "b" of the larger Y by the EOD Thursday where the 8 TD low on the full moon is and also the helio Bradley (the geo is Friday) turn.  

The next 8 TD top is due on the 20th which is a 16+1 TD top and we have a trine due early Wed which tells me late Tuesday is the top for new highs then down hard into Sept 3 in 5 waves likely.

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