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Sunday, September 29, 2019

One More Post Until Halloween

Oct 3, 2019: The C Wave I have on the chart below is incorrect.  It looks like choppy move up into early November instead. Just a heads up! Please do not trade my forecasts without becoming a subscriber first!

The reason I'm posting one more post is to correct the expected coming low and next high that I see.  The charts below explain everything into the minor y of B top on the 30th, the major low on Oct 2 (Wave "c" of {z} of B) and the coming screaming rally into Oct 9 (Wave C) of "Y"

After the expected Oct 9 high, I see low Oct 11-14 (a), high Oct 15 (b), low Oct 17(c) of A, high Oct 23 B, Low Nov 4 C of A of "Z"?

All this is just a guesstimate at this point in time. My clients pay me good money for my insight and ability to change as the market changes, much like forecasting the weather. It is not fair to them to keep posting my insight so often, therefore, I'm taking a break from posting free posts until Halloween. 

I'm extending my discounts on my website until Oct 6, 2019.  After that my prices go up. ☝

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Moon Stock Market Bottom Expected 9/27

9/27/19 Mid Day Update:

I'm still cash right here as I have cross currents going on between the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle (low today) and the Sun/Moon Cycle (high tomorrow).  The fact that the move up today was muted, put me in a defensive mode as far as shorting is concerned.  Still the waves look bearish to me and so do the technicals.  

There is a combo Jup/Sat and Sun/Moon low due Oct 2 and a potential head and shoulders top forming, which could put us into a 3 gaps play, which takes out the three major gaps below us to 2887. Wed is 10 TD's from last week's low. which was 6 TD's from the previous low making a potential 16 TD low from Sep 10 which ran 16-5.

More than half the battle in trading is recognizing when you are wrong and going back to the drawing board.  I made only one trade this week and made $2386 on $500.

I'm looking for 2935/37 SPX tomorrow late in the day. The chart below is a possible conclusion.

We may only get up to 2992/93 on a gap up Friday.  A close near 2975/76 today (9/26) would confirm this price.

Looking for new highs, C of Y by Oct 4 (Waxing Half Moon, J/S, S/M turn top Oct 4-7) in an abc type rally, 'b' being late Oct 2 (we could also make a top early on the 2nd).

This follows patterns also set last year with an Oct 3 top.  Next low on the Jupiter/Saturn cycle is Oct 14 (full moon low), 11 TD's from tomorrow (Sept 26 to Oct 11 last year ran 11 TD's with a top 5 TD's past the low on Oct 3).

9/27 is a Jupiter/Saturn Cycle Low (New Moon low).

Offered discounts end on 9/27. Scaling back free postings for a while to protect paying clientele. Offering $99 monthly subscription 9/28 forward.

Lots of volatility expected for the month of October!  Trader's dream!


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Looking For Stock Market Low Wednesday

9/25/19: EOD

I don't know if we see the final low on Friday or not.  Friday is a Jup/Sat low.  It is also near a top, so, do we go down into Tuesday next week to finish Z and will the S/M J/S low due on the 2nd come on the 1st?

The pattern is still bearish looking, meaning we are also still a ways away from the C wave top and new highs.  After Nov 27-30, the next timing area is near Oct 7/8 for a top.

We have 3 negative astros tonight and Thursday night:

Sep 25, 2019     3:20 PM                Venus 13 Libra 57 square  Saturn 13 Capricorn 57
Sep 25, 2019    10:02 PM                Venus 14 Libra 18 square  True Node 14 Cancer 18
Sep 26, 2019     7:52 PM                Mercury 20 Libra 39 square  Pluto 20 Capricorn 39

9/25/19 Mid Day Outlook:

IF the market does not pull back here today like I think it should, I will remain in cash.  The current pattern is a possible w-x-y bear flag within [z]. Watching.

The Sun/Moon Cycle Low is due Wed this week +/- 1 TD and the Jup/Sat cycle low is pointing to Friday +/- 2 TD. The last lows ran Sep 10 - Sep 18 or 6 TD's apart, which places a possible bottom on Thursday this week (there is gap at 2937).  The Sun/Moon cycle high is due either Friday or Monday.

The next low is due Oct 2 on both the J/S and S/M cycle, which could point to Oct 2 or 1/3.

9/25/19 AM Update:

We have 5/15/30 min POS D's on the stochastics for 2952.9 SPX (my target was 2952).

POS D's for the 5/15 min MACD.

The MACD tends to lag.

The MACD Daily has given the expected sell signal, which is usually a good sign to go long (I learned this from Mark Young of Traders-Talk).  I know it seems counter intuitive, but since the "E-wave-Gann-16 TD-Astro/Cycle" set up is forecasting a move to near 3047 Friday this week, we can key off that.

Now we look for a secondary low later today about 2 hours before the close.  Looking for near 2957 SPX to go long into Friday, which should complete the final phase and terminate WAVE YX being the August 5 low. Z should complete near Oct 17 with a possible -W- bottom on Nov 8.

Today's test is likely a -W- bottom test of [Z] of "B" of Y.

The chart below explains.  I'm looking for a "c" of [z] wave low early Wednesday and then a large rally into Friday to as high as SPX 3047.

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

New Highs Expected Next Week (then watch out below!)

9/23/19 PM Update:

We may gap up early Tuesday on the SPX (wave "b" of [z]).  The structure tells me we have not seen the bottom of [z] yet. It may not occur until early Wednesday (that should be the latest), which means a Friday top if that happens. Looking for 2957 SPX.

Aug 23 to Sep 10 was 11 TD's, Sep 10 to Sep 25 is 11 TD's.

The Sun/Moon cycle low is due Wed. It is looking for a high around the 28th (27th).

9/23/19 AM Update:

Still looking for a Monday/Tuesday low this week.  If a Tuesday low, then a Thursday high (5 TD's from last Thursday) and next week's low targets Oct 4 instead of Oct 3. With the wxy Y wave (top Sep 19), it tells me we go lower than x of Y and that is near 2978.  The max low should be the taking out of the last 'c' wave and that was 2957 to 3020 recorded from Sep 10-12.  This counts 4+1/8+2 if Tuesday this week is the low.

If tomorrow is the expected low, the calculations below need to be extended accordingly, e.g. instead of an Oct 3 low an Oct 4 low and Oct 2-4 would be the hard two days down expected. 

I'm expecting one last wave up to new highs (above SPX 3028) back inside the rising wedge after wave z is finished likely on Monday (first day of fall turn x = z in time) into Wednesday (Venus square Saturn begins a T-Square with the Sun into Oct 7). Sunday (today), sees Mercury square Saturn (negative), but then Mercury sextiles Jupiter late Tuesday (positive) forming the expected last hurrah before we drop in earnest into October and perhaps into early November.

The theme going forward has to do with the coming Capricorn Stellium with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in early December as we leave the third and final passage of the crazy and exaggerated Jupiter square Neptune.  It is already within orb. 

On Thursday, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and continues the down move into Friday [a] where we have a Jupiter/Saturn Low due Friday/Monday.  The new moon in Libra is due on Saturday and sees a low turn up into Oct 1 (4 TD top) where we have Venus also squaring Pluto. 

This should be a [b] wave top leading wave [c] into the expected 17 week/ 9 month low due on Oct 3 where Pluto turns Stationary Direct and Mercury changes signs into Scorpio.  The next day, Mars leaves the exaggerated sign of Virgo and enters Libra. Oct 2-3 could easily see two huge down days. We need to see a low on Sept 23rd to confirm this and a high on the 25th.

The next Bradley is due on Oct 5 (low) and then Oct 9 (high). The Jupiter/Saturn Cycle melds with the Sun/Moon Cycle to form a low near Oct 2 likely 8 TD's from Monday's expected low (Oct 3). The Oct 9 high (Jup/Sat High on the 10th) should turn down again into around Oct 21 where there is another Bradley and the Hurst 20/40 TD low.

The Sun/Mars conjunction of early September tells us we should see an 8/20% drop dead ahead. The actual 9 month low is due ideally on Oct 3, but this market seems to be extending into a larger ringing cycle (5/10 month low) due later in October or early November.

Here is the SPX chart with e-wave denotation:

I'm offering a special price reduction into September 23rd, then I'm raising my prices on the 24th. The time to trade volatility and make some good money is dead ahead!

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bearish September OPEX?

Update AM 9/20: 

Thursday (yesterday) made an apparent [y] wave top with [z] down due next.

The week after Sept Monthly Option Expiration is notorious for being down.  Usually, in a normal option expiration with the trend being up (as it is now, we have not seen new highs), we see a low either Monday or Tuesday.  

The Hurst cycle method sees a low between Monday and Wednesday, and we have a Sun/Moon cycle low due around Wed +/-.  The Jup/Sat Cycle saw a top on the 16th which came two TD's early on the 12th, and now sees one Saturday, and a low Friday next week,  The J/S is usually not off more than 2 TD's, putting a potential low as late as Wednesday next week for [z].

Still we have a sextile due late Tuesday that leads to a top, could it be a 'b' wave top of [z]? Or, a move from a Monday low to a Wed final top with a low toward the end of the week being [A] of an ABC drop into Oct 3 where we have Mercury and Mars changing signs as Pluto goes stationary direct? The top last year on Oct 3 was also a Wed with a 6 TD move down initially into the following Thursday. With the half day on July 3, Oct 3 fits better for the 85 TD low. 

Right now I'm giving a window of Monday/Wed next week for the [z] wave low and go from there.

The chart below shows the TLC lows, one due on the 18th of September and the next on the 20th. It looks like a double top reversal and a drop into the 8 TD low from Tuesday last week's low and that is the 20th on September Monthly Option expiration. Support is near 2951-57.

The resulting xyz drop launches what should be the final top of the series before we drop into October 2 and that is due on September 24th where Mercury in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius.  The 9/19 aspect was Mars trine Pluto, a negative for Friday.  The Jupiter/Saturn Cycle sees a low on the 27th followed by a top on Sept 30.  The biggest part of the drop should be Oct 1-2 with a minimum target of 2840 taking out all the gaps below.

The wild card in all this is how the ringing cycle low due on or near November 4/5th comes about before the market turns up and makes new highs in mid December.

Another thing, the low I'm expecting Friday may come on Monday, which is the exact Hurst 20 TD low.  This would push everything out one day including the low expected on October 2 and the top expected on September 24. The TLC low sometimes extends out one TD.

I am raising my prices on Sept 24 on the Quarterly Subscription from $229 to $259 and the Annual from $600 to $695.  I'm running a special on quarterly and annual subscriptions for $195 and $495 until Sept 23.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fibonaaci Points to Rare "Triple Irregular Top"

Update: Mid Day 9/19/19

It looks as though the SPX is making a "wxy" irregular (y) wave top off the Sept 12 top. IF so, a (z) wave must follow to the down side.  This market is complicated and forecasts need to be adjusted as if we are following a dang hurricane. 

In cash, waiting for confirmation of the next down wave, which according to my cycles should be completed no later than Monday/Wed.

We are in a  a rare "Triple Irregular Top" formation (chart below).

Orthodox Y (X being Aug 5 and was 15 TD's from orthodox July 15 top) was Sept 5 (21 TD's), [x] of Z Sept 10, [y] of Z Sept 12.  Z will be 19 TD's into Oct 2

The next subdivision sees an irregular "x" 9/12-16, "y' 9/16-19 and "z" of (a) of (A) of Z  9/19-23, with (b) 9/24 and (c) of (A) of Z next Friday on the 27th, followed by (B) of Z up into the 30th, then (C) of Z down into Oct 2.

The fib pattern is then X 15 TD's, Y 21 TD's, Z 19 TD's for a total of 55 TD's (Z and Y are closest in time). 55 is in the fib number sequence:  1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, 89,144.  21 or Y is also in the sequence and "15 or X the first down wave" + "19 or Z the last (also a 3rd) down wave" = 34

This means that my wave count is correct!

Notice that X and Z are the down waves and together they = 34, while Y is by itself in the sequence at 21, both fib numbers and together equal 55.

Z is a third wave and as such the power is in the c's of Z  i.e. Sep 24-27 "c" of (A) of Z and Sep 30 (B) of Z to Oct 2 (C) of Z. "a" of (A) of Z should be Friday Sep 20, with "b" of (A) of Z being Sep 24. 

This follows almost the exact pattern from Jan 26, 2018 - Feb 9, 2018 (only we have 9 TD's down instead of 10).

The rare "Triple Irregular Top" is extremely bullish, but first we must see the double bottom around Nov 4 (Aug 24-Sep 29, 2015) per the 4-year cycle. The cycle is off (forward about 39 calendar days) from what I'm seeing.  

That places the Nov 3, 2015 top into around Dec 12-13, 2019, which fits the Capricorn Stellium (DEC 2) forecasting more trouble into the first quarter 2020 (Feb/Mar) and beyond, suggesting a hard low somewhere in the 2020-22 period. (Benner's Cycle tells me more trouble into late 2020/early 2021, too, much like 2000-2002/03). Gold/Silver, GDX should see a hard low in the Jan/Feb 2020 window.

I am raising my prices on Sept 24 on the Quarterly Subscription from $229 to $259 and the Annual from $600 to $695.  I'm running a special on quarterly and annual subscriptions for $195 and $495 until Sept 23.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Inverted Cycles Point to Something Big on the Downside Coming!

Mid Day Update 9/17/19:

I am looking for "Volatility" to begin after Sept 24.  This agrees with my 4 TD top after the 18th top and melds with the Feb 1, 2018 secondary top. It also agrees with the waning moon cycle and Jupiter/Saturn Cycle (J/S) high turn (9/21) due around Sept 23/24.  The Sun/Moon Cycle looks for a high around the same time frame (9/21). 9/21 is a Saturday.

Today is like Jan 25, 2018, very hesitant.  It is about an hour behind the Jan 24-26, 2018 run, too.

The J/S low of Sep 27 and the Sun/Moon low of Oct 2 are the best fits beyond the Sep 21 highs on both, which incidentally is the exact third passage of Jupiter sq. Neptune (irrational exuberance).

Yesterday fit the Sun/Moon Cycle low due today and Monday fits the normal high for the J/S Cycle high due to occur on the Saturn Stationary/ Direct turn on the 18th and finishing on the 21st.

Saturn is about to play a trick on the irrational exuberance of Jupiter square Neptune.  As I said, Mars is aspecting Neptune now and has to do with the warlike attacks of Iran in the Middle East, something I pointed out on Sept 6!

The Sun/Mars conjunction of early September has an influence through the end of this month and quite likely into early October.  It is forecasting an 8 to 20% drop ahead.  I think it will be closer to 11-12% as shown in the chart below.

On Oct 3, Mars leaves the insanity of Virgo and moves into Libra, so Oct 2 should be the reversal low date or close.  Oct 2 is also a perfect 85 trading days from the June 3 low which itself was 108 TD's from the late Dec low in 2018.

20 week lows run 100 trading days (TD's) +/- 15, so we have two 20 week lows to combine to make a 40 week low.

Today (9/17) is the perfect 16 TD low from August 23, yet it seems we are closer to a top than bottom.  The E-Waves are irregular too.  The sub-dominant cycles are taking over the once dominant cycles.  This happens rarely and in the past when they do, they point to something big and in this case it is to the down side. This is becoming increasingly a crowded trade.  The S&P Short Range Oscillator was at +8 last week.  Normally a +4 reading is enough to be scared of the bull side.  It is like this is a panic buying top, the reverse of a panic bottom.

The e-waves suggest that the coming top (above 3028) is an irregular upon irregular upon irregular.  It is a technical e-wave bear, counter trend rally, often times seen by technicians as a "double top reversal".

The next important low should be around Oct 2/3 according to my astro/cycle work.  The cycle people may call this the 9 month low from the Dec 24/26 low.  I'm guessing around 2700 for the next low, perhaps slightly lower.

The current wave pattern, although irregular, points to one final wave up into around Sept 18 on the Saturn Stationary/Direct turn date. 

We are offering our annual subscription for only $495 through Sept 24th.  The regular price is $600, but will be going up to $695 after that date.

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