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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fibonaaci Points to Rare "Triple Irregular Top"

Update: Mid Day 9/19/19

It looks as though the SPX is making a "wxy" irregular (y) wave top off the Sept 12 top. IF so, a (z) wave must follow to the down side.  This market is complicated and forecasts need to be adjusted as if we are following a dang hurricane. 

In cash, waiting for confirmation of the next down wave, which according to my cycles should be completed no later than Monday/Wed.

We are in a  a rare "Triple Irregular Top" formation (chart below).

Orthodox Y (X being Aug 5 and was 15 TD's from orthodox July 15 top) was Sept 5 (21 TD's), [x] of Z Sept 10, [y] of Z Sept 12.  Z will be 19 TD's into Oct 2

The next subdivision sees an irregular "x" 9/12-16, "y' 9/16-19 and "z" of (a) of (A) of Z  9/19-23, with (b) 9/24 and (c) of (A) of Z next Friday on the 27th, followed by (B) of Z up into the 30th, then (C) of Z down into Oct 2.

The fib pattern is then X 15 TD's, Y 21 TD's, Z 19 TD's for a total of 55 TD's (Z and Y are closest in time). 55 is in the fib number sequence:  1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, 89,144.  21 or Y is also in the sequence and "15 or X the first down wave" + "19 or Z the last (also a 3rd) down wave" = 34

This means that my wave count is correct!

Notice that X and Z are the down waves and together they = 34, while Y is by itself in the sequence at 21, both fib numbers and together equal 55.

Z is a third wave and as such the power is in the c's of Z  i.e. Sep 24-27 "c" of (A) of Z and Sep 30 (B) of Z to Oct 2 (C) of Z. "a" of (A) of Z should be Friday Sep 20, with "b" of (A) of Z being Sep 24. 

This follows almost the exact pattern from Jan 26, 2018 - Feb 9, 2018 (only we have 9 TD's down instead of 10).

The rare "Triple Irregular Top" is extremely bullish, but first we must see the double bottom around Nov 4 (Aug 24-Sep 29, 2015) per the 4-year cycle. The cycle is off (forward about 39 calendar days) from what I'm seeing.  

That places the Nov 3, 2015 top into around Dec 12-13, 2019, which fits the Capricorn Stellium (DEC 2) forecasting more trouble into the first quarter 2020 (Feb/Mar) and beyond, suggesting a hard low somewhere in the 2020-22 period. (Benner's Cycle tells me more trouble into late 2020/early 2021, too, much like 2000-2002/03). Gold/Silver, GDX should see a hard low in the Jan/Feb 2020 window.

I am raising my prices on Sept 24 on the Quarterly Subscription from $229 to $259 and the Annual from $600 to $695.  I'm running a special on quarterly and annual subscriptions for $195 and $495 until Sept 23.

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