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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Inverted Cycles Point to Something Big on the Downside Coming!

Mid Day Update 9/17/19:

I am looking for "Volatility" to begin after Sept 24.  This agrees with my 4 TD top after the 18th top and melds with the Feb 1, 2018 secondary top. It also agrees with the waning moon cycle and Jupiter/Saturn Cycle (J/S) high turn (9/21) due around Sept 23/24.  The Sun/Moon Cycle looks for a high around the same time frame (9/21). 9/21 is a Saturday.

Today is like Jan 25, 2018, very hesitant.  It is about an hour behind the Jan 24-26, 2018 run, too.

The J/S low of Sep 27 and the Sun/Moon low of Oct 2 are the best fits beyond the Sep 21 highs on both, which incidentally is the exact third passage of Jupiter sq. Neptune (irrational exuberance).

Yesterday fit the Sun/Moon Cycle low due today and Monday fits the normal high for the J/S Cycle high due to occur on the Saturn Stationary/ Direct turn on the 18th and finishing on the 21st.

Saturn is about to play a trick on the irrational exuberance of Jupiter square Neptune.  As I said, Mars is aspecting Neptune now and has to do with the warlike attacks of Iran in the Middle East, something I pointed out on Sept 6!

The Sun/Mars conjunction of early September has an influence through the end of this month and quite likely into early October.  It is forecasting an 8 to 20% drop ahead.  I think it will be closer to 11-12% as shown in the chart below.

On Oct 3, Mars leaves the insanity of Virgo and moves into Libra, so Oct 2 should be the reversal low date or close.  Oct 2 is also a perfect 85 trading days from the June 3 low which itself was 108 TD's from the late Dec low in 2018.

20 week lows run 100 trading days (TD's) +/- 15, so we have two 20 week lows to combine to make a 40 week low.

Today (9/17) is the perfect 16 TD low from August 23, yet it seems we are closer to a top than bottom.  The E-Waves are irregular too.  The sub-dominant cycles are taking over the once dominant cycles.  This happens rarely and in the past when they do, they point to something big and in this case it is to the down side. This is becoming increasingly a crowded trade.  The S&P Short Range Oscillator was at +8 last week.  Normally a +4 reading is enough to be scared of the bull side.  It is like this is a panic buying top, the reverse of a panic bottom.

The e-waves suggest that the coming top (above 3028) is an irregular upon irregular upon irregular.  It is a technical e-wave bear, counter trend rally, often times seen by technicians as a "double top reversal".

The next important low should be around Oct 2/3 according to my astro/cycle work.  The cycle people may call this the 9 month low from the Dec 24/26 low.  I'm guessing around 2700 for the next low, perhaps slightly lower.

The current wave pattern, although irregular, points to one final wave up into around Sept 18 on the Saturn Stationary/Direct turn date. 

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