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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Looking For Stock Market Low Wednesday

9/25/19: EOD

I don't know if we see the final low on Friday or not.  Friday is a Jup/Sat low.  It is also near a top, so, do we go down into Tuesday next week to finish Z and will the S/M J/S low due on the 2nd come on the 1st?

The pattern is still bearish looking, meaning we are also still a ways away from the C wave top and new highs.  After Nov 27-30, the next timing area is near Oct 7/8 for a top.

We have 3 negative astros tonight and Thursday night:

Sep 25, 2019     3:20 PM                Venus 13 Libra 57 square  Saturn 13 Capricorn 57
Sep 25, 2019    10:02 PM                Venus 14 Libra 18 square  True Node 14 Cancer 18
Sep 26, 2019     7:52 PM                Mercury 20 Libra 39 square  Pluto 20 Capricorn 39

9/25/19 Mid Day Outlook:

IF the market does not pull back here today like I think it should, I will remain in cash.  The current pattern is a possible w-x-y bear flag within [z]. Watching.

The Sun/Moon Cycle Low is due Wed this week +/- 1 TD and the Jup/Sat cycle low is pointing to Friday +/- 2 TD. The last lows ran Sep 10 - Sep 18 or 6 TD's apart, which places a possible bottom on Thursday this week (there is gap at 2937).  The Sun/Moon cycle high is due either Friday or Monday.

The next low is due Oct 2 on both the J/S and S/M cycle, which could point to Oct 2 or 1/3.

9/25/19 AM Update:

We have 5/15/30 min POS D's on the stochastics for 2952.9 SPX (my target was 2952).

POS D's for the 5/15 min MACD.

The MACD tends to lag.

The MACD Daily has given the expected sell signal, which is usually a good sign to go long (I learned this from Mark Young of Traders-Talk).  I know it seems counter intuitive, but since the "E-wave-Gann-16 TD-Astro/Cycle" set up is forecasting a move to near 3047 Friday this week, we can key off that.

Now we look for a secondary low later today about 2 hours before the close.  Looking for near 2957 SPX to go long into Friday, which should complete the final phase and terminate WAVE YX being the August 5 low. Z should complete near Oct 17 with a possible -W- bottom on Nov 8.

Today's test is likely a -W- bottom test of [Z] of "B" of Y.

The chart below explains.  I'm looking for a "c" of [z] wave low early Wednesday and then a large rally into Friday to as high as SPX 3047.

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