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Sunday, September 22, 2019

New Highs Expected Next Week (then watch out below!)

9/23/19 PM Update:

We may gap up early Tuesday on the SPX (wave "b" of [z]).  The structure tells me we have not seen the bottom of [z] yet. It may not occur until early Wednesday (that should be the latest), which means a Friday top if that happens. Looking for 2957 SPX.

Aug 23 to Sep 10 was 11 TD's, Sep 10 to Sep 25 is 11 TD's.

The Sun/Moon cycle low is due Wed. It is looking for a high around the 28th (27th).

9/23/19 AM Update:

Still looking for a Monday/Tuesday low this week.  If a Tuesday low, then a Thursday high (5 TD's from last Thursday) and next week's low targets Oct 4 instead of Oct 3. With the wxy Y wave (top Sep 19), it tells me we go lower than x of Y and that is near 2978.  The max low should be the taking out of the last 'c' wave and that was 2957 to 3020 recorded from Sep 10-12.  This counts 4+1/8+2 if Tuesday this week is the low.

If tomorrow is the expected low, the calculations below need to be extended accordingly, e.g. instead of an Oct 3 low an Oct 4 low and Oct 2-4 would be the hard two days down expected. 

I'm expecting one last wave up to new highs (above SPX 3028) back inside the rising wedge after wave z is finished likely on Monday (first day of fall turn x = z in time) into Wednesday (Venus square Saturn begins a T-Square with the Sun into Oct 7). Sunday (today), sees Mercury square Saturn (negative), but then Mercury sextiles Jupiter late Tuesday (positive) forming the expected last hurrah before we drop in earnest into October and perhaps into early November.

The theme going forward has to do with the coming Capricorn Stellium with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in early December as we leave the third and final passage of the crazy and exaggerated Jupiter square Neptune.  It is already within orb. 

On Thursday, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and continues the down move into Friday [a] where we have a Jupiter/Saturn Low due Friday/Monday.  The new moon in Libra is due on Saturday and sees a low turn up into Oct 1 (4 TD top) where we have Venus also squaring Pluto. 

This should be a [b] wave top leading wave [c] into the expected 17 week/ 9 month low due on Oct 3 where Pluto turns Stationary Direct and Mercury changes signs into Scorpio.  The next day, Mars leaves the exaggerated sign of Virgo and enters Libra. Oct 2-3 could easily see two huge down days. We need to see a low on Sept 23rd to confirm this and a high on the 25th.

The next Bradley is due on Oct 5 (low) and then Oct 9 (high). The Jupiter/Saturn Cycle melds with the Sun/Moon Cycle to form a low near Oct 2 likely 8 TD's from Monday's expected low (Oct 3). The Oct 9 high (Jup/Sat High on the 10th) should turn down again into around Oct 21 where there is another Bradley and the Hurst 20/40 TD low.

The Sun/Mars conjunction of early September tells us we should see an 8/20% drop dead ahead. The actual 9 month low is due ideally on Oct 3, but this market seems to be extending into a larger ringing cycle (5/10 month low) due later in October or early November.

Here is the SPX chart with e-wave denotation:

I'm offering a special price reduction into September 23rd, then I'm raising my prices on the 24th. The time to trade volatility and make some good money is dead ahead!

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