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Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Moon Stock Market Bottom Expected 9/27

9/27/19 Mid Day Update:

I'm still cash right here as I have cross currents going on between the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle (low today) and the Sun/Moon Cycle (high tomorrow).  The fact that the move up today was muted, put me in a defensive mode as far as shorting is concerned.  Still the waves look bearish to me and so do the technicals.  

There is a combo Jup/Sat and Sun/Moon low due Oct 2 and a potential head and shoulders top forming, which could put us into a 3 gaps play, which takes out the three major gaps below us to 2887. Wed is 10 TD's from last week's low. which was 6 TD's from the previous low making a potential 16 TD low from Sep 10 which ran 16-5.

More than half the battle in trading is recognizing when you are wrong and going back to the drawing board.  I made only one trade this week and made $2386 on $500.

I'm looking for 2935/37 SPX tomorrow late in the day. The chart below is a possible conclusion.

We may only get up to 2992/93 on a gap up Friday.  A close near 2975/76 today (9/26) would confirm this price.

Looking for new highs, C of Y by Oct 4 (Waxing Half Moon, J/S, S/M turn top Oct 4-7) in an abc type rally, 'b' being late Oct 2 (we could also make a top early on the 2nd).

This follows patterns also set last year with an Oct 3 top.  Next low on the Jupiter/Saturn cycle is Oct 14 (full moon low), 11 TD's from tomorrow (Sept 26 to Oct 11 last year ran 11 TD's with a top 5 TD's past the low on Oct 3).

9/27 is a Jupiter/Saturn Cycle Low (New Moon low).

Offered discounts end on 9/27. Scaling back free postings for a while to protect paying clientele. Offering $99 monthly subscription 9/28 forward.

Lots of volatility expected for the month of October!  Trader's dream!


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