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Sunday, September 29, 2019

One More Post Until Halloween

Oct 3, 2019: The C Wave I have on the chart below is incorrect.  It looks like choppy move up into early November instead. Just a heads up! Please do not trade my forecasts without becoming a subscriber first!

The reason I'm posting one more post is to correct the expected coming low and next high that I see.  The charts below explain everything into the minor y of B top on the 30th, the major low on Oct 2 (Wave "c" of {z} of B) and the coming screaming rally into Oct 9 (Wave C) of "Y"

After the expected Oct 9 high, I see low Oct 11-14 (a), high Oct 15 (b), low Oct 17(c) of A, high Oct 23 B, Low Nov 4 C of A of "Z"?

All this is just a guesstimate at this point in time. My clients pay me good money for my insight and ability to change as the market changes, much like forecasting the weather. It is not fair to them to keep posting my insight so often, therefore, I'm taking a break from posting free posts until Halloween. 

I'm extending my discounts on my website until Oct 6, 2019.  After that my prices go up. ☝

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