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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Special Report: The Perfect Storm!

SPECIAL UPDATE COMING: Cycles are extended ONE Day! 9/12 Panic coming!!!

I have drawn the chart showing the 3 Gap Play (filling all three of the gaps).  The Common Gap at 2848 should be taken out next Thursday.  I believe we have a good chance of tagging near SPX 2870 +/- tomorrow forming the X Wave of [X] of B ([Y] of B is likely due near Oct 18 and very possibly a double top near or slightly above 3028).

I forgot to mention on the chart below that tomorrow is also the Hurst 10 TD low +2.

We are between Sun Opposing Neptune (Sept 10) and Mars square Jupiter (Sept 12), so the irrational exuberance bubble will be popped, only to be reinstated again. Astro' aspects and wave/cycles turn more friendly into the 17th, but watch out for Sept 17-19! Yikes, could it be that the FED lowers rates? That, my friend, is telling us that a recession is coming! Stay tuned....

One more day left to get a 2 week trial for only $50.  After that, I will be offering discounts on my yearly subscription through the weekend for $105 off the regular $600 price.

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