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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

FED Induced Sell Off?

Late Update PM Oct 30, 2019:

The FED caused a rather unusual set up, a "Triple Irregular Top" and two bearish WXY patterns on the Dow 30.  The actual Jupiter- Saturn Low was due Oct 31 as noted on my previous post with a Sun/Moon low due Nov 1. It looks like a low tomorrow, a big sell-off, then a huge rally into Nov 4. We should see a move to 2991 on the SPX tomorrow.

Yesterday, the S&P 500 created an irregular top off of another irregular top.  This, combined with a bearish rising wedge, tells me we see a FED induced sell-off today to at least the 2991 area. 

As you clearly saw on my previous report, the Dow 30 was forming a bearish Y wave top Monday and failed to take out the Monday top.  The NASDAQ chart yesterday was even more noticeable (not shown here) as it failed to get even close to its Monday top.

Yesterday also saw a bearish OEX P/C ratio of 5.90 combined with a bearish VIX P/C ratio of 0.17.  Today has the Transports selling off dramatically along with the Utilities coming off their bottom and rising in defensive manner (no Transport or Utility chart shown below).

The Halloween treat as I purported two days ago was that we see a stock market rally into November 1, but not so likely with the Gold Complex.

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