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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Large Sell-Off Looms!

AM Update 11/8: 

The SPX broke the rising trend line and came back above this morning.  This is a sign of weakness.  My astro cycles suggest a final top near Nov 12/13 so a low on Monday would be maximum as my solunar says today is a low.  A move down to 3035 minimum  vs. a move up to 3115 suggests more down side risk than upside at this point.  A final top is due next week, so caveat emptor!

The hourly indicators and above are sporting nasty NEG D's.  The xyz pattern, once complete, suggests one last gasp up next week.  It all depends whether we make the low tomorrow or Monday as to what comes next.  A Friday low suggests a final 11/15 top.  A Monday low suggests a Wednesday 11/13 top.

I got the gap up correct from yesterday's blog post (by just a smidgen higher than forecast by about 5 points), so I give myself an A-, not bad.

I'm looking at the low 3010's SPX for the pull back, then a move above 3100 for next week into the 3110's and that's all she wrote.  Get ready for a 20% bear market into early February!

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