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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Last Hurrah on Horizon, New Bear Market in Sight!

 The stock market looks like it will drop on the 30th and then rally into mid week, next week for what I'm saying will be the "Last Hurrah"!

I may post one more set of posts this weekend and after that, will take some time off from public posting until September to concentrate on making my clients (and myself) money in what looks like a good sized drop for the month of August.

We have set up an amazing amount of Auto Trading Accounts as well as SMS Text "Trade Alert" Accounts. Every text alert or auto trade is exactly what I'm trading in my own account, so you can now get that benefit for a surprisingly low amount of money.

 Our "Auto Trade" and SMS Text "Trade Alert" System is also a way for certain people to learn and earn at the same time, or just to earn the kind of profits we earn without the hassle or time of trying to understand the market's many intricacies. 

Bear Markets are opportunities to make a lot of money in short order, using leveraged Index ETF's, Volatility ETF's and leveraged option strategies that are not seen in bull markets.

If you wish to get on board, there is still time to catch the top and know when to get out and catch the coming huge counter trend rallies we see into October as well. 

For more information please contact Brad at (931) 994-6140 or go to our BluStar Market Insights link at Christian Patriot Media

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