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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stock Market in Topping Mode (More Downside Expected into November)

10/18 Update: The SPX pulled back in early trading today to 4447 and then made a new recovery high into the 4480's where a top may form over the next 2 days into the full moon 20th of October. We need to get to at least 4485 and possibly higher into the 4490's to create a top of importance, IMO.

The current pattern, known as a bearish WXY Wave looks to be ending on Monday. The positive astro aspects of Sun trine Jupiter 10/15, Mars trine Jupiter on 10/18 are being replaced by the Sun sq. Pluto on 10/16, and also Mercury and Jupiter turning stationary/direct on the 18th (Bradley turn 10/16).

The cycle is ripe here for a top as well as we make a Gann 14/17 32-1 TD top on Monday. There are a host of negative aspects all the way into Nov 17-19: Mars sq. Pluto 10/22 (Bradley turn), Venus sq. Neptune 10/26 (Bradley 10/27), Sun sq. Saturn 10/30 (Bradley), Sun opposite Uranus on the Scorpio New Moon 11/04, Mars sq. Saturn 11/10 (Bradley), Sun sq. Jupiter 11/15, and Mars opposite Uranus on the 17th with a lunar eclipse on the full moon on the Bradley 19th.

The astro-cyclical timing of the stock market suggests a coming bear market ending around Dec 21/24 with a lot of chop. Right now I expect a move into the SPX 3550 area minimum by December 21/24 (down over 20%). By Nov 17-19, I expect a move into the 4050-60 area, with the mid 4100 area by Nov 2.

There is a lot of liquidity floating around and no sign of FED tightening in the cards (not until after Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces at the end of December, so I don't expect a huge crash ahead, that may come by around March of next year, but still I could be surprised), but more due to socio-political-economic instability in the coming months with the intense triple Saturn/Uranus square not seen since 1931 (Great Depression) and before that in the early 1860's coinciding with the American Civil War (on top of the aspect, Uranus is in the 84 year cycle of Taurus in Uranus, which happened before the American Revolution, the American Civil War and WW2!!!).

The Scorpio Sun/Mars conjunction is about investigations and uncovering secret things and it is working with the highly convulsive triple Saturn in Aquarius square with Uranus in Taurus in latter October and into Mid November. 

This is about the tearing down of the Old Order (oddly called the New World Order) and the rising of the masses to take back their countries. This process has a ways to go, but short term victories for the Patriots look to be forthcoming over the next two months and especially into the first 2 months of 2022. 

There are and will be repercussions ahead that we are not prepared for, much like throwing a pebble on a still pond (I will be going over this more in our coming video series "The God Weavers"). 

The economy is definitely one of them and so are the various foreign entanglements we have gotten into (China, UN etc). The biggest issues coming forward and being uncovered publically soon will be the Deep State's attempted totalitarian take over of our country, the voter fraud issue, CRT being taught in schools and why, and the "mark of the best" United Nations led vaccine mandates.

The last of the triple square of Saturn and Uranus this year will occur on December 24th. Venus turns retrograde on the full moon of the 19th of December and joins Pluto in Capricorn on the 25th. Sometime between the 21st and 24th of December should see the final bottom.

The good news is, there should be a strong rally into Jan/Feb next year, but around March/April looks possibly vulnerable for another big down draft (4600 to 3200?). 

The very fabric of our society is in convulsions, but I do expect some positive surprises come late November and especially month end December when Kim Clement prophesied the return of Trump around Christmas. Kim Clement also prophesied that we would have a mesmerizing November and December (more on this on our website). Sit back and get some popcorn and watch the show.

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