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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

SPX Prognostication Chart


Looking for another gap up Wednesday 11/24 and sell-off into 11/26. Nov 29-30 looks toppy. Down hard Nov 30-Dec 2. Looks like a "rinse and repeat" (pretty much) of the Sept-Oct sell-off.

Things should get bullish from Dec 24/27 into January 21/22.

There should be a 20% bear from Jan/Feb into March 2022 based on the 2 year and 3.25 year cycle. Another 35% drop would be entirely unexpected!

 Amazing Market!

It doesn't look like anything more than what just occurred. If Trump returns around Christmas, this could cause the market to take off?

Kim Clement mentioned the word "impeach" twice and we had back to back impeachment attempts in early 2020 and again in 2021. The prophecy also said "Strange July, Strange July". Could this mean Trump returns next year and not this year and next year is the fall in the fall? According to his daughter, when he said something twice, it happened twice. Hmmmm...

July this year certainly fit the bill, but could we have a repeat of it next year and next year is when many shall fall in the fall and Trump returns by Christmas? We shall soon see!

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