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Monday, March 14, 2022

Strong Counter Trend Rally Expected Soon

My Weekend Report to My Subscribers 3/12/22:

As I keep saying, counter trend rallies can easily be volatile given the times we are in. The astros and current picture don't look promising overall, albeit short quick rallies during times of what appears to be diplomatic action. This is what I see coming next week (from Monday into Thursday) as we likely bottom out on TD 4 Monday on the 3/13 Sun/Neptune conjunction.

The strongest part of the rally (March 14-17) will likely take place during a period of hope for a diplomatic solution regarding the Russo-Ukrainian War. Whatever comes will likely be deceptive, including lies in negotiation and violation of agreements. These will likely be the work of the US-Ukrainian side, not Russian. The FED meeting expectations are for a rate hike, so that shouldn't be a problem(already baked into the cake so to speak).

The Venus/Mars square to Uranus from 3/19-22 should start to show its face around 3/18 and continue into the 22nd, where we may have a slight reprieve in selling into Venus conjunct Saturn on the 28th, then likely down hard into April 5, where Venus moves into Pisces. April 4th has Mars conj. Saturn following the new moon. We should see a higher market from the 5th into April 15 ~

The overall trend is down into late May and may easily hit the 3700 SPX level, down 22-23% since the early January top.

Of course, the above chart expectations could change daily according to the news, because this is now a very difficult time we are in. I try to use astros and previous wave formations to try to guess what may happen. Thursday this week is exactly 10/20/40 TD's off the Jan 4 top, which is a Hurst Cycle. It also has an important sextile noted on the chart, which normally implies a top.

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