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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Projection Map for the S&P 500 into August 4

 SPX 4469 by Aug 4

I have looked at the astros for Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov of these AUG, OCT and NOV are the worst.  This means to me there is likely to be some turmoil in the markets even into November, but the primary low should be around Oct 22-25.

The Delta Variant (so-called) seems to be the fear hitting the market yesterday just like Jan 31, 2020. From what I'm reading, the DV is hitting the vaccinated harder than the unvaccinated (contrary to the lies of the Gov't and Presstitutes).

Keep your immune system up with pro biotics, Vit D, Zinc and fresh fruits and veggies. Stay away from alcohol and practice washing your hands.  Masks do not work and only make you sicker (if you use masks for a short time, use essential oils like thieves on them).

Monday, July 19, 2021

More Rally Expected into Early August (today was the shot across the bow!)

The current wave structure is a very bullish x-y-z and finishes on the Bradley turn (7-18) today and we had the Sun oppose Pluto on Sunday and of course the Sun trine to Neptune Rx in Pisces on the 15th held the market up into early on the 16th even as the Dow 30 almost made a new high and the SPX tagged 4375.  We went short Friday above 4350 expecting a low today.

The next important topping area is due when the Sun in Leo opposes Saturn and squares Uranus in Taurus between the 2nd and 6th of August.  There is also a new moon on the 8th (Sunday) in Leo. Stay with me here.

Last year the new moon was on a Sunday too, the 23rd of Feb in Pisces.  Leo and Pisces moons are topping signatures as we just had last week.

The Sun is the great activator and activates the 2nd Saturn/Uranus square (June 14) this year smack dab on AUG 4! Last year, the Bradley arrived early on the 16th of Feb which was a Sunday and Monday was a Holiday.  The low preceding it was Jan 31, a Friday which was a 21 TD low.  The low preceding here is today, July 19, a Monday and a 20 TD low (there is no Holiday between now and Aug 4 like there was back then).

August 4 is exactly 4 weeks past the ideal 72/144 week or 16.5 month top due July 7th. The  August 4 expected top (a Wed) is exactly 34 months past the Oct 3, 2018 top (also a Wed), and 17 months 2 weeks past the February 2020 top. So instead of having a 16.5 month cycle top, we are having a 17.5 month cycle top and a 34 month top instead of a 33 month top.

We now auto trade through Global Auto Trade with 3 different brokers. That means we do the work and you just kick back and collect!  Get ready for the big short with increased volatility from early August through late October.

We have the skinny on what we think will happen and how it will all go down.  Follow this link BluStar Insights for some interesting well...insight