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Thursday, January 20, 2022

1/20 May Be a Dead Cat Bounce

The market's bounce today is no surprise as the VST indicators are showing POS D's. There may be a 33 (Gann 32-1) TD low Friday that matches Dec 3. We had an 11 TD low on Dec 20 and Friday is 2 X 11 (8-6(8-2)-8 TD's total).

The daily indicators are getting oversold and a retest of yesterday's bottom is conceivable on Friday just like Dec 1-3. Overall, it has the same feel. An 11-12 TD top is due on Jan 28-31 right around the Bradley of 1/30 and the Venus > Direct and Sun square Uranus. 

The next 11 TD low is due on Feb 7, which could be a 44 TD low just like Oct 2-Dec 3, but in order for that to happen (a 5 TD big drop), the market must move up 6 TD's from Friday, with a pause doji on Thursday.

The Friday 1/21 CIT could be a low. We had the Sun conj. Pluto this past weekend, but also the Sun conj. Mercury on 1/23 which accounts for a low nearby (1/21?).


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