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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

OIL Crunch Coming? BIG Stock Market Drop into the 25th/29th of November?

 Nov 22, 2022

 Mars Rx in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces this past weekend, and with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces October 29 through December 20 (Jupiter turns Direct in Pisces with the new moon in Sagittarius tomorrow evening)Crude Oil looks to be setting up for an important upmove.

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Monday, November 21, 2022

BIG Drop Expected This Week (and into next)!


I may have to advance one more day...UVXY Low on Nov 25/28, B Wave High on the 29th, double bottom on Nov 30-Dec 1, final high on Jan 31. Dec 1 is  15/19 =34 TD's just like May/June. Copper is deflation-collapsing just like then and should drop into year's end along with GOLD ($1600 target)

November 21, 2022 4:36 AM EST

These are my future TLC lows: NYSE Dec 12 & 14, DJI Nov 25 & Dec 5, SPX Nov 29/30, Jan 6, Jan 10. Nov 18 was a TLC top.

Next week should be down hard into Friday. UVXY should hit its peak early on WED (New Moon/Jupiter Direct late Wed) above $12. Nov 28 is an up day (Mars trine Saturn) that needs two days down afterward (3470's SPX [X] Wave low). Astro Turns Nov 26 (low/low) and 29. Major Astro Turn Dec 4 (low).


Full Moon Top: Dec 7/8 Sun Sq. Mars > Lows Dec 12 & 14 (FED Day Sun sq. Neptune). Top on next Astro Turn Dec 19, Low Dec 23rd New Moon: Rally into Dec 30 Astro Resistance: Irregular topping action into Jan 4 then down into Jan 6 full moon (Jan 7 Sun conj. Mercury) Major Astro Turn. 


The week of Nov 28-Dec 2 is a 40/60 week low. The next 20/80 week low is due the third week in April around the Apr 20 eclipse, which should be a major low. A top should occur on Jan 30th above 4100 SPX Wave [Y] of (B).


The DJI and NYSE are not likely to see new lows in late Nov, only the SPX and NDX and related overweight tech/growth stock indexes. Nov 30th is exactly 33 TD's (32+1) from the Oct 13 low, and 18 TD's (16+2) from the Nov 3 low (16-1).


The $ should rise as oil rises into late December (23rd). Next week may see an oil rise shock. Mars Rx sq. Neptune Rx aspects Joe Biden's birth chart negatively (Nov 19-20).

 BluStar Market Insights