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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Cards Are on the Table (Only One More Rally Left)

The panic selling on Monday was yet another shot across the bow, warning us of the coming bear market. As you can see it made a hard low on the maximum TD low, that is 21 TD's, right on the full moon and right after the Venus/Saturn square and Sun trine Pluto aspect on 9/16-17, which was also a Helio Bradley turn (9/16) top followed by a Geo Bradley turn bottom on the 18th (20th).

The timing (21 TD's hard), depth and length of the move is very similar to the Jan 31, 2020 low, right before the crash of Feb/Mar 2020. Oct 6, 2021 times a three year top from Oct 3, 2018, which means this coming sell-off and time of trouble could last through around Christmas. 

The third passage of the Saturn/Uranus square (seen at critical times in our history, like the American Civil War, and the early Depression of the 1930's) is due on Christmas Eve 2021. According to the Prophecy of Kim Clement in 2014, there would come two impeachment attempts that would fail, followed by strong revelations in the spring, followed by a "strange" July, where we are to watch the temperature and storms: storms like what both come in the spring and summer (tornadoes and tropical storms). This to be followed by a hypnotic November.

Kim tells us God is allowing this to happen so that faith can grow, even as He hears the desperate cries of the people. The prophecy continues with the fall where many politicians, judges and leaders will fall and then a time of celebration in the winter when Trump (He calls Him my David) returns.

Hank Kunneman's prophecy calls forth the fall in the fall prophecy by saying that this would be happening when the stock market is falling.

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