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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Strong Rally into May 17 Expected (then comes the panic wave)

Update to My Subs: I exited my longs at 2:30 EDT 5/16/22 I may be wrong, but better safe than sorry. Looking for a buyable low tomorrow into early Wednesday.


The last post, I expected a strong rally. This is the classic Elliott Y wave of a W-X-Y inverted bearish (B) Wave flat. May 12th was a deep X wave. May 12th also experienced an irregular low on this Y wave, which finished wxy [a] on Friday then xyz [b] which translates into the extreme time thrust power of [c] of Y, which should arise on a huge, sudden gap up on Monday right into the lunar eclipse into the lower 4100's (ideally around 4123 SPX). Tuesday's expected finale top (somewhere ideally near 4149-57 SPX) would be labeled as an irregular top and since a Y Wave is an irregular top, in and of itself, we have what I term a "double irregular top!"

For years, I have told my subs that these patterns rarely end well, but in fact they never do! In addition, Tuesday should also gap up (based on Gann creating a third exhaustion gap up, which itself sets up a three gap play reversal that ends in a final exhaustion gap down that should occur on Monday the 23rd (Sun conj. Mercury Rx 5/21, Mars sextile Pluto 5/22).

The similarities to the Monday, August 24th, 2015 flash crash almost 7-years ago cannot go unnoticed by me, especially in light of not only the 7-year cycle, but other interesting co-incidences. On August 21, 2015, the Friday before the flash crash, the Sun in the fixed sign of Leo squared Saturn in the fixed sign of Scorpio. Today as I write this, the Sun in the fixed sign of Taurus squares Saturn in the fixed sign of Aquarius. In 2015, they blamed the "flash crash" on the imploding Chinese stock market due to their devaluation of the Yuan vs. the US Dollar over several weeks before. The same thing is occurring right now, but a little more extreme.

Back then, the "flash crash" imploded the US stock market by 5% in just a few minutes due to the futures being down as much. This time it looks more like 7% due to the Elliott Equality of Waves Expectations and the 200 week average. 

We also cannot rule out the war in the Ukraine as a cause going forward as Mars conjuncts Neptune on the 18th and sextiles Pluto on the 22nd. The last time we saw a 7% plunge in one day was June 11th, 2020 as the BLM/Antifa rioting was going on near Mars conjunct Neptune on June 13th.

Mars with Neptune is warlike and deceptive. This is where false flag, globalist/deep state set ups often occur, like what happened in Syria a few years back where Assad supposedly chemically attacked his own people (yeah right). Russia has been warning us that the Ukrainian Globalist, Anglo-American, UN, NATO Led Nazi Regime was planning such a venture. I'm not prophesying, I'm just saying the stars are ripe like figs, ready to fall from the sky.

All the classic "fear signs" of a bottom drawing near abound, but what comes next? 

We warned our subs to steer clear of the cryptos.

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

One More Rally (and then timber!!)

5/11/22 PM Update: We have seen a 'w-x-y' W Wave of B and now the 'a-b-c' X Wave of B. Tomorrow could gap up to 3999 and then fall back to 3920 before going up into Y on Friday to near 4075. It looks like a magnet to the full moon eclipse and the Bradley Helio on the 14th (top not bottom), with Mars sextile Rahu, Sun square Saturn and Sun sextile Neptune.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Panic Selling Ahead?

The wave counts and technicals are becoming increasingly bearish on the S&P 500. There are also many nasty astros this month of May including the Sun conj. Uranus tonight (5/5), Jupiter > Aries and Mercury Rx in Gemini on the Bradley turn May 10/11, the Sun Square Saturn and major Bradley 5/14-15 (completing a T-Square to the Saturn/Uranus square), the next lunar eclipse that same weekend, Mars conj. Neptune early on May 18, a Major Geo Bradley on the 20th combined with the Sun conj. Mercury on the 21st. Mars conj. Jupiter in Aries at the end of the month.

I have a TLC low due May 6th and 23rd.

This is looking more and more like the COVID crash, but more war like. A panic wave is due into May 6th which could be FED related, at least partially, but the signatures of war this month are hard to ignore.

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Stock Market Top Close at Hand?

Last time I wrote (3/14), I expected a strong rally ahead. The expectation happened before the FED injected another $36 Billion into the system. We are at the point where a top should materialize as I said in my last blog entry. At this point, the expected drop could easily take longer than anticipated based on my latest data.

The March 28-29 Bradley Cluster along with Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto (3/26), Venus conj. Saturn & Neptune in Pisces sextile Rahu in Taurus (3/28) plus other e-wave factors has me believing 3/28 has high odds of being THE top of the recent advance, which I view as a count trend (y) of B bear flag (see chart).

I view the next 3 weeks as being extremely volatile in the markets. The first aspects that strike me the hardest going forward is Venus/Mars in Aquarius conj. Saturn (3/28-4/5), Jupiter/sextile Neptune 4/12 and 4/14 when Mars ingresses out of Aquarius and into Pisces near the Easter Full Moon. 

Summary: Next week's geo political surprise could easily be that Biden announces his request that Congress moves forward toward a Digital "ECash Bill" as it were, in other words, a move toward the 'long anticipated' "Mark of the Beast" cashless society, eventually to be administered by the Image of the Beast/UN as noted in Revelation 13. 

Venus (money) conj in Saturn in Aquarius on 3/28 and Venus in Aquarius square Rahu in Taurus on 3/30 could mean that an announcement may occur now no later than 3/30.

The timeframe around 4/5 could be an explosive time going into mid April, as Mars and Saturn meet head on. I expect false flags to occur by the False Prophet/Anglo-American/Earth Beast backed Ukrainian puppet leader Zelensky who then blames Putin for the atrocities committed (oldest trick in the book, they are so arrogant they tell us in advance what they are going to do). Yeah...I am obviously Red Pilled.....have been for a long time....

This will likely get the war drums beating hard again as the jingoistic Biden Regime/CIA-led MSM entertainment farce (along with London) continue to drum up war fever to the chagrin of those moderates in Europe who see this as a very bad situation developing. 

In a nutshell, the globalist powered Sea Beast (Beast from the Bottomless Pit/8th Head/Shadow Government) is getting desperate! Their house of cards is beginning to crumble. Looking at Kim Clement's "Two Presidents Prophecy" the second "strange July" could easily be this year. He said a new Snowden would arise in the spring, followed by strange weather 'again' this summer, followed by the fall when many (Dems and Rinos) would fall (including two Supreme Court Justices), followed by Trump's reinstatement around Christmas 2022.

I call this year, "the Rise of the Patriots." Our troubles ain't over folks. The Empire will strike back!

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Strong Counter Trend Rally Expected Soon

My Weekend Report to My Subscribers 3/12/22:

As I keep saying, counter trend rallies can easily be volatile given the times we are in. The astros and current picture don't look promising overall, albeit short quick rallies during times of what appears to be diplomatic action. This is what I see coming next week (from Monday into Thursday) as we likely bottom out on TD 4 Monday on the 3/13 Sun/Neptune conjunction.

The strongest part of the rally (March 14-17) will likely take place during a period of hope for a diplomatic solution regarding the Russo-Ukrainian War. Whatever comes will likely be deceptive, including lies in negotiation and violation of agreements. These will likely be the work of the US-Ukrainian side, not Russian. The FED meeting expectations are for a rate hike, so that shouldn't be a problem(already baked into the cake so to speak).

The Venus/Mars square to Uranus from 3/19-22 should start to show its face around 3/18 and continue into the 22nd, where we may have a slight reprieve in selling into Venus conjunct Saturn on the 28th, then likely down hard into April 5, where Venus moves into Pisces. April 4th has Mars conj. Saturn following the new moon. We should see a higher market from the 5th into April 15 ~

The overall trend is down into late May and may easily hit the 3700 SPX level, down 22-23% since the early January top.

Of course, the above chart expectations could change daily according to the news, because this is now a very difficult time we are in. I try to use astros and previous wave formations to try to guess what may happen. Thursday this week is exactly 10/20/40 TD's off the Jan 4 top, which is a Hurst Cycle. It also has an important sextile noted on the chart, which normally implies a top.

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