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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Astro/Cycle/Waves Say: More Upside Ahead - Video

                                    Click on YouTube to enlarge. Set at HD 1080 for clarity.

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

More Upside Expected? - Chart

Today is the Gann 8 TD and TLC low. We expect more choppiness ahead: a rip your face off rally into July 1 and another sell-off on July 5 and then higher again into July 7.

CLICK on Chart to Enlarge...

June 30, 2022 Morning Call Explains the Chart Above. Set Video to 1080 HD... Click on YouTube to enlarge.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Chart & Video Explaining What We See Next!

On the "Morning Call June 29, 2022 Video", we went through what you don't normally see, and that is the exhaustive research we do to come to the conclusion of what we might expect next. The chart below is our expert conclusion as to what could or should happen next based on our work. 

                                                Click on chart to enlarge...

The video below is a 1 hour and 26 minute "uncut" look into how we get and got to the above conclusion. We also look at charts of the dollar, precious metals and Bitcoin, and talk about the longer term implications of this bear market, which looks scary. We also touch on the subject of risk management. We know it's long, but believe it to be well worth your time! Get some popcorn and watch the show...


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Friday, June 10, 2022

Nailed the Drop!

As you can see, this chart below, so far, shows the proof that I predicted (in previous posts on June 6,7, and 8) this current drop! While the SPX has not yet gone all the way down to the maximum 3875 level, it has gone down most of the way so far.

Today's action is surprisingly docile after the first hour drop and has me wondering whether on not the low is in yet. To get our important updates, please go to BluStar Market Insights.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Diamond Top Update

6/10 AM Update: The only time I have seen a TLC low come in the day after it was due was on the August 21, 2015 TLC Low, next day panic selling set in on August 24, 2015. 

The pattern here is different tho'! We are finsihing "c" of [z] of X of (X), so a Y wave of (X) is due on the upside into the low 4200's by 6/16-21. Bradley Cluster Top due 6/16.

This finishes wave X of (X) and now [abc] Y of (X) to the 42-40 range next week, most by the Full Moon the 14th. I averaged down my longs as the market fell. The short will be forced to cover tomorrow on the CPI report.

6/7 was a TLC low with a Helio Bradley Top which completed Wave A of [Z] of a larger Wave (X) of an even larger WAVE {X} due to bottom June 28th. The current expectation is for a hard move down into 6/10 to a minimum of around 3976 SPX based on the Head and Shoulders measure off the neckline and a maximum of 3875 based on [Z] taking out the last [C] Wave going into{W}. June 11 has Venus conj. Uranus which could be a low on 6/10. Venus completes a T Square to the Uranus/Saturn square on 6/18, which puts a top due ideally around 6/17-21/22.

As you can see, Wave B of [Z] was an a-b-c Rising Wedge, which expected a gap down then return slightly back inside the wedge to fill the gap. Diamond Tops are distribution, topping patterns. There are 3 TLC low matches due on June 9, so we may get a gap down and then attempt to rally on the 9th.

It is important not to trade the above forecast, or any other forecast from anyone without proper updates and money management skills. I can't stress this fact enough. To get our updates and learn what we know, please visit us at BluStar Market Insights. This post is intended for educational purposes only.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rare Diamond Top Formation?

 The rare Diamond Top Formation suggests a breakdown is coming. My analysis suggests that 6/9/22 is the perfect date for the next low on a breakdown of the formation. I took profits on my short from yesterday (4151) at 4094 this morning as the e-wave formation took on a VST bullish bent on Yellen's speech.

Today may have finished an (a-b-c) [a] wave of Z. The technical picture & e-wave look is still VST and ST bearish to me until or unless proven otherwise.

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Friday, May 27, 2022

Another Top at Hand?

6/4/22: Expecting a "b" wave of [z] bear gap up on Monday the 6th and down "c" of [z] into the Helio Bradley TLC low due June 7th. The 4 month cycle has added an extra day in here as the forward astro/wave cycles suggest an a-b-c bounce into early the 13th and then down into FED day, the 15th (full moon 6/14). I believe THE top has been put in on June 2. Today, Mercury direct squares Saturn Retrograde. Could break 4000 SPX by Tuesday the 7th. A gap up into the 4130's makes sense technically for early Monday.

6/2/22 : Expecting a top to form today or early June 3. The 4 month cycle and Mercury Sta/Direct argue for a top today along with a Geo Bradley.

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