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Friday, April 3, 2020

Big Thrust Up Coming?

The chart above shows the S&P 500 15 min. candlestick chart. A move above the earlier peak this week is expected either Monday or Tuesday next week (best odds are Tuesday). With Mars sq. Uranus on Tuesday we may expect a huge down day on Wednesday that may extend into Thursday. 

We may expect choppy up and down trading all the way into early the following week (April 14/15) where the next 16 TD low is expected.  A final top of WAVE B top is due around April 17-20 with a C Wave down due around May 13-14.

Conditions can change as the market progresses.  Forecasting the market is much like forecasting the weather: the closer we get, the better we are able to forecast the more exact timing windows, 
otherwise we see through a glass dimly. 

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