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Friday, May 7, 2021

A Sharp 3 Day Wave of Selling Expected!

5/11/21 10:45 EDT AM Update: (This what I just sent my subs)

The SPX 4+1 TD low is due within the next hour.  I am also seeing potential 5/15/30 min POS D's.  Today is TD 15 of the 16 TD cycle too, which generally has a 4 TD variance, but 15 TD's is common, so is 17.  Today is TD 47 of the 48 TD low too.  Be careful here. I believe we see new highs next week. If so today could be the low.

I'm not predicting, I'm saying there is potential for either a bounce here or Wave 4 is almost terminated.

We are still in a bull run and the trend is still up, so keep a short leash on your trades either with stops or closely watching the tick.

The attached chart shows my preferred count is that Wave 5 ends on the 19th of May and that Wave 1 was also 5 TD's long.

March 4 was a 16+7 TD low or 1.5  X the 16 TD low.  It makes sense to me that the top will also end on a half cycle top and that being May 19, on the LEO moon & Venus trine Saturn.

This scenario fits better with a sell-off into the end of May and a June 16 final top.

The 11th has the new moon coming late and joining the Mars sextile Uranus malicious aspect. The new moon will be in Taurus conj. Uranus, but turns into mutable Gemini the next two days for a low (see Mar 4 and 5).

Late on the 12th has Mercury trine Saturn and Sun sextile Neptune, which means there is a high likelihood of an up opening on the 13th just like Mar 5. Later that day has Jupiter entering Pisces which is a huge positive just like Mar 5-6.

The next Bradley is due May 14 (low +/-)  and then May 18  (high +/-). The next Bradley occurs on Wed the May 26 full moon lunar eclipse, which should be a top of sorts (see late Jan 2020). 
Notice the daily NEG D's!