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Friday, January 17, 2020

Parallels to Jan 26-Feb 9, 2018?

This weekly chart below shows the weekly SPX parallels to the Jan 26, 2018 top using the MACD, as well as common cycles and well as astro signatures. We should start seeing real selling starting next week, but especially the week after into Feb 3. 

The new moon on Friday Jan 24 should represent the 4 TD top that occurred on Feb 1, 2018. Notice the weekly Bollinger Bands, too, where I have drawn the distance to the mid band in orange (circled). Also, notice the uptrend lines on each and where the mid bands are in relation to both of them.

We are completing an ABC rally from the Dec 24, 2018 low, with an intervening a-b-c-d-e B Wave Elliott triangle on the 9-month low: Oct 3, 2019. If this pattern repeats itself, we could easily see another late year bear market into Dec 2020.

Notice the XYZ bullish pattern of 2019! The Elliott terminology is Irregular and Strong and boy have we seen that!

I keep saying we going to have a great opportunity for large swing trades ahead as you can see back in Jan-Apr 2018.  Volatility made a huge move back then, as the SPX fell 11.87% in 10 trading days! Puts can really make great money, too, in a drop like I'm seeing ahead.

BluStar Market Timer is adding to our New Year Special: We are offering 42% off both our quarterly and annual subscription prices into the MLK Holiday Jan 20 only.  That is $150 instead $259 for the quarterly subscription, and $400 instead of $695 for the annual subscription. 

P.S. E-Mail us on our web site and we will send you the alternative Jan-Apr scenario based on the Sun/Moon and Jupiter/Saturn cycles, which are telling us that we may be going into a bear market into April, instead of a correction like Jan-Apr 2018.  Either way, we are going down! 

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