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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

B Wave Complete, Now Wave C

I was looking for an 8 TD low due around the 15th and it came a day early.  The next expectation is for a strong rally into the 16th, a pull back on Monday and then the final move higher into Tuesday to 3046. 

Please read the chart below for more information:

Update 8/15/19 1:00 EDT:

We have a possible morning star pattern developing today. A gap up and strong advance is expected tomorrow above 2943 (2953 gap fill?).

The normal 16 TD top is due Monday, but I have it as Tuesday or plus 1.  Tuesday evening/Wed morning has a bearish trine top which means it is likely that the top is Tuesday, but 16 TD tops can run 20 TD's and that is Friday next week.  Today can be the Gann 16 TD low +3, but not making new lows here.  I have Sept 3 as the all important low that runs 20 TD's so it is possible we see a strong 6 TD advance into Friday next week to new highs. We'll see.

The Bradleys are Aug 15/16 (lows) then the 22/23 (highs) then the 28/29th (highs).

The last one was a high on the 7-8-9 and it was a high on the 8th.  The next one (8-15/16) is a low and that corresponds to this low.  The next one is 8-22/23 and is a high and then 8-28/29 high (3/4 TD high like last time?)

Today is the 8 TD low and full moon reversal.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Today's Action Turns the Stock Market Trend Back Up into August 20

Today's action turns the stock market back up. This looks like a 'y' of "b" of the larger Y.  We should pull back some into late day even as low as below 2910 to the 2909 area.  

A gap up into early Wed where we have the Sun/Venus harmonious conjunction into the first hour and as high as 2952 +/- 2 pts should start the move back down into 'z' of "b" of the larger Y by the EOD Thursday where the 8 TD low on the full moon is and also the helio Bradley (the geo is Friday) turn.  

The next 8 TD top is due on the 20th which is a 16+1 TD top and we have a trine due early Wed which tells me late Tuesday is the top for new highs then down hard into Sept 3 in 5 waves likely.

Monday, August 12, 2019

My Indicators Switched Back to Bearish with Choppiness Ahead

Stock Market Down Hard Today!! My indicators went to a sell again negating the previous scenario. Cycles and Wave Count doesn't match expectation. I expect a gap up early Tuesday, that means a strong opening that should be sold into. Today's low should hold over the next 2 days.

2905 by early Tuesday?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

New Highs Ahead Then a Crash?

The S&P 500 weekly chart below shows the expected outcome into early next year. Next week should see a nice pull back into Tuesday that launches the next wave up called "c" of Y into August 19 and then Z of "X" is due down into early September likely due to the Chinese devaluing the Yuan (remember August 2015?) to counter Trump's 10% tariff on Sept 1.  We are at a 4 year cycle low.

I see a lot of nasty astros around Sept 1-3. A basing pattern (W Bottom?) into the 4th or 5th possible then higher in September before we re-challenge the lows in early October.

Gold and the precious metals and mining shares look toppy and they look ready to plummet into Dec/Jan 2020 to fulfill their 4 year cycle low.  We should see a nice rally into the summer of 2020 like 2016.

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Brad Gudgeon, Editor