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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

SPX Prognostication Chart


Looking for another gap up Wednesday 11/24 and sell-off into 11/26. Nov 29-30 looks toppy. Down hard Nov 30-Dec 2. Looks like a "rinse and repeat" (pretty much) of the Sept-Oct sell-off.

Things should get bullish from Dec 24/27 into January 21/22.

There should be a 20% bear from Jan/Feb into March 2022 based on the 2 year and 3.25 year cycle. Another 35% drop would be entirely unexpected!

 Amazing Market!

It doesn't look like anything more than what just occurred. If Trump returns around Christmas, this could cause the market to take off?

Kim Clement mentioned the word "impeach" twice and we had back to back impeachment attempts in early 2020 and again in 2021. The prophecy also said "Strange July, Strange July". Could this mean Trump returns next year and not this year and next year is the fall in the fall? According to his daughter, when he said something twice, it happened twice. Hmmmm...

July this year certainly fit the bill, but could we have a repeat of it next year and next year is when many shall fall in the fall and Trump returns by Christmas? We shall soon see!

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Intermediate Correction Imminent!

11/21/21 late PM update:

I'm including an alternate count in the chart below (bottom) based on possible e-wave counts as well as cycle possibilities, technical analysis aside. No doubt the technical/fundamental outlook appears ghastly on all fronts, but in the final analysis, price is always the final arbiter. 

I have had 11/22-23 as a possible important cycle low for quite some time and it is the Tuesday after OPEX when lows do tend to form (aside from Mondays). A 3-4% drop looks likely in any case short term. 

The biggest odds for a significant drop looks likely from late Dec into mid/late January. If we are forming a distribution top that moves sideways into late December, the chart below shows that possibility.


The charts below of both the weekly S&P 500 and the daily GDX (the mining share ETF) suggest we should take out the September/October lows in the stock market by Nov 29-30th. 

The S&P 500 chart has the important astro aspects of the Sun/Mars in Scorpio T-Square to the triple Saturn (in Aquarius)/Uranus (in Taurus) square ending on Nov 17 (the top for the NYSE and DJI was 11/16) and the Venus in Capricorn trine to Uranus in Taurus during the longest lunar eclipse in over 500 years (while the moon was also in Taurus). In addition, the 19th sported a Helio Bradley turn (an important Helio/Geo turn occurred on Nov 6-7 surrounding the tops of Nov 5-8, just 1-2 TD's past the Sun opposition to Uranus on the 4th).

In addition, we have a major CIT due on the 22nd and another on the 29th, with two more Bradley turns (Helio 11/23 and the more important Helio/Geo 11/27-28 suggesting a low on the 29th). The 66/198 week top (last seen on Feb 1, 2018) was due on Nov 18th with a low due Friday next week (which pushes it out one more TD due to the Holiday).

What is interesting is that on Nov 8, 2021 we saw an extreme overbought reading on the daily money flow oscillator that was identical to the Jan 26, 2018 top. In addition, we saw a weekly double topping pattern that closely matched that of late Sept to early Oct 2018, along with an almost identical daily A/D failing pattern as we moved into last week.

In addition, last week, the NASDAQ recorded its 13th and now unprecedented 14th Hindenburg Omen this year. Previously, 13 H.O. clusters in one year were seen on 3/7/2000 just before the 3/2/4200 top which ended in the Oct 2002 bear low; 10/12/07 just one day past the top of 10/11/07 on the SPX and DJI, which ended in the March 2009 bear low.

The next one was recorded on 7/20/15 top, which saw a correction into Aug/Sept 2015 and finally Jan/Feb 2016. After that, 11/7/17 about 3 months before the quick 11-12% drop of early 2018. Next incidence occurred on 9/6/2018 about 3 weeks before the late Sept./early Oct. 2018 double top that culminated in the 20% late Dec bear low; and finally, the last such omen occurred on Jan 29, 2020 just about 2-3 weeks before the Covid crash.

The last time we saw pertinent monthly overbought readings like we have right now were late 1999, 2007, 2013, 2018 and 2020. Last week also saw the 10 day average of the P/C ratio give us an intermediate sell signal with unprecedented call buying and margin debt. To throw more fuel on the fire, the recent rally was not confirmed by the corporate high yield index or summation index.

In the S&P 500 chart below, I have also included a rare proprietary pattern I have dubbed the IMP or Irregular Megaphone Pattern (last seen in late 2013/early 2014), which predicts a quick down, up, down pattern ahead (X, Y, Z) which should also follow the cycles from the early 2018 pattern. This implies two consecutive corrections of 10% plus within 2 months!

The expected double top just around Christmas also sports the 3rd and final Saturn/Uranus square (12/24 Bradley) combined with the Venus retro conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (12/25). Venus rules money and Pluto rules debt, and their conjunction in Capricorn will not be good for the markets going into January.

As you can see, the bullish XYZ pattern on the S&P 500 chart is forecasting at least 5500 SPX in 2022, perhaps a tad bit more! We are already in the stratosphere as far as valuations are concerned! Yikes!

Anyway, my concern is the 90 year cycle economic depression low is due soon (2022), perhaps arriving as late as 2024/25.

On a side note, Biden's future does not look good this next week as Mars opposing Uranus negatively impacts his natal chart.

On my website, I have included a prophecy that Kim Clement gave many years ago regarding Biden and Trump. It included two attempted impeachments and a strange July (watch the temperatures and combo spring/summer like storms) which has already occurred.

The next phase of the prophecy was a hypnotic November and mesmerizing December when many politicians would fall in the fall and 2 Supreme court judges would step down. He also said that Trump would be reinstated by Christmas (he originally prophesied that Trump would serve two terms as did Mark Taylor).

I also received a prophetic word in the summer of 2020 that we have been given a reprieve with two terms and to take advantage of it.

The weekly chart above reminds me of the drop in late Feb 2020 just ahead. Then, of course, it has to change into another hybrid pattern as no two patterns are the same. Another note: the VIX (volatility index) appears to be having the 50 week MA turn above the 200 day MA next week, not a good sign for the bulls!

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